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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

 English Dosthi’s Spoken English course goes into the complexities of extensive speaking practise, strategies and techniques and helps you perform well in specific areas such as interviews, presentations, extempore etc. This course is for those students who have very specific needs. This could be cracking an interview or delivering a powerful presentation with confidence.

How do I sign up for a course?

Click on WhatsApp link and our team will respond ASAP.

How do the course levels work?

English Dosthi’s Spoken English is available at Pre Entry level, Entry level, Senior level & Advanced level. Classes and self-access learning through daily tasks. At each level, you can do the tasks in order. You can complete a full level by completing all the  activities.

What courses can people at an advanced level do?

We can give you the option to register for an senior level course as this will help you to develop your confidence in speaking, improve fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary

Is this course for adults?

English Dosthi’s Spoken English course is for all age group learners, i.e., those over 18 years of age or less.
Learners younger than 18 years are also permitted to take up the course.

How many students are in a class and how will I communicate with them?

To ensure that each student has ample time to practice in class and gets individual attention from the teacher, our courses have a maximum of 15 students in a group. You will meet and interact with your personal trainers during the training.

What is the course fee for each module?

The price for each level is INR  2999/- for a student.

Can I get a demo session of the course?

Yes, Our trainers will send you a free demo class and also you can join us for a Instagram live session facilitated by our expert trainers every Sunday on our Instagram page to understand the course in detail.

I am looking for a Spoken English course. What is the best option for me?

 Our courses will help you develop your speaking skills and confidence. You will get extensive opportunities during the classes to practice your speaking skills and receive feedback from the trainers . Through the course, you will develop your fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation which are very important to help you become a better speaker.

Will I improve my grammar and vocabulary with this course?

Yes, our courses will help you improve your grammar through introducing you to phrases that you can easily use and be fluent especially in presentations, interviews, group discussions, extempore, conversations etc. You will be introduced to vocabulary with plenty of interactive exercises for practice and as well as guidance and feedback from your trainers.

Will the course improve my writing skills?

 English Dosthi’s Spoken English course is a specialist course with emphasize on improving your speaking skills and will help you build your confidence as you improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.Learners younger than 18 years are also permitted to take up the course.

What is the duration of the course?

2 months course, 4 months practice period, total 6 months with life time assistance.

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